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Communication & Collaboration

Collaboration is nothing new. We’ve always done it in all domains of our experience. What is relatively new is the use of technology to support the collaboration process, and the facilitation of new forms of collaboration. However, it is becoming increasingly important in the modern world, as we become more connected around the globe. The rise of cloud computing and faster Internet connections has enabled collaboration more than ever and so, as such, it’s essential that a business have the tools that enable it to collaborate effectively.


Unified Communications

Businesses are discovering the benefits of a communications solution that extends the power of their business phone system further than a dial tone. Businesses have been using e-mail, instant messaging, mobile phones, and videoconferencing for years, but IP-based systems are often isolated and treated as separate communications tools.

UC is the convergence of voice, video and data services and software applications to realize greater collaboration among individuals or groups, which enhances business processes. UC is designed to help employees carry out their work more efficiently and in a timelier manner, whilst being free to work from anywhere.At Fujisoft Technology we have the understanding and expertise to encompass the various components ranging from video conferencing, unified messaging, smartphones, presence technologies and instant messaging to make up a perfect UC platform and we know how to integrate them for the benefit of your business—providing you with the secure and efficient communication tools you need to operate efficiently, driving productivity and be more competitive.

Unified Messaging

Teams are more distributed now than ever thus making it harder for employees to have ad-hoc interactions. For those individuals that do happen to be remote, IM provides an important link that can help them feel much more connected to their peers in the office.The availability of presence information, mobile clients, and locality features like lan­guage and time conversions help keep teams united and efficient. Many businesses utilize instant messaging to add efficiency in workplace communication, reduce interferences and improve customer service.

Along with presence, file sharing features plus capabilities to integrate with other workflow & collaboration tools such as telephony and conferencing it transforms into powerful communication platform that can beneficial to the entire workforce.

From a business perspective, Fujisoft can identify areas where IM & Presence can improve office communication and add business value, such as increasing customer satisfaction, accelerating decision making, or supporting mobile workers.

Video Conferencing

Whilst it is true that nothing can replace in person meetings, increasingly dispersed workforce and the need to reduce costs means that businesses are quickly adopting Video Conferencing as a way to collaborate, whilst increasing productivity and reducing travel.Every organization requires a well thought out solution for video communications, dependent upon geography, business needs, industry, current technology and budget.

Fujisoft Technology, designs, builds and supports video solutions that range from desktop or mobile implementations, right up to complete room systems, and high-end immersive Telepresence systems that can scale strategically with your company as it grows. The benefits include cost savings and improved productivity across your organization.

Audio & Web Conferencing

From small, spontaneous meetings to large moderated conferences or interactive collaboration requiring visual presentations, Audio and Web Conferencing allow employees to share documents and work in real-time, giving you and your employees the opportunity to collaborate remotely, globally and more effectively, no matter where you are located, or what device you are using

Better conferencing means better business.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly technology enabling you to focus on meetings, not on technology
  • Intuitive, user-friendly technology enabling you to focus on meetings, not on technology
  • Reservationless remote collaboration without limitations – anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Fully integrated mobile applications being on the move shouldn’t stop you from working with others

Contact Centres

Customers expect nothing less than service brilliance when they make contact with you. Today they want to use a multitude of channels anywhere, at any time, and it’s no surprise that they still don’t want to wait. To further complicate things, the speed and level of acceptance varies between different groups of consumers

Being the main point of contact for many customers puts greater than before spotlight on contact centre performance, and a continual key challenge for organisations of all sizes is to think about how their contact centres – and the technology inside and around them – can actively enhance the customer experience. As result workforce optimization and back-office integration are ever more paramount in delivering a great customer experience.

Increasingly the companies that are winning – the smarter organisations – are the ones that understand how contact centre business processes should evolve and supporting technologies can be combined to allow for a more holistic customer experience.Fujisoft Technology designs, implements and supports contact centers for organisations for whom customer contact is mission critical.

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